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Search Process

  • Phase I

    Defining the position and understanding its environment

    This process is essential to the success of the assignment, as it enables Azrek to plan the research with a thorough understanding of (1) the company’s structure, objectives, philosophy and competitors; (2) the position - its overall mission and specific responsibilities; (3) the candidate profile and expected compensation.

  • Phase II

    Identification of target companies and market intelligence

    By internal and external survey Azrek determines which persons qualify for the position concerned. Furthermore, systematic research is conducted into previously selected sectors of business and professional groups. Finally ‘industry sources’ are consulted, if relevant.

  • Phase III

    Interviews and assessment of candidates

    After a number of possible candidates have been identified through the direct search, Azrek interviews them in order to find out whether the candidates meet the requirement of the position. The Client receives regular progress reports in writing once a week.

  • Phase IV

    Presentation of selected candidates to the Client

    Azrek will prepare a Confidential Candidate Report on generally 3-4 candidates, who are eventually brought into contact with the Client.

  • Phase V

    Assistance with the final selection of candidates/offer stage

    Azrek introduces the Client to the candidates selected during the previous phase and assist in the interview stage as in the final negotiation with the one chosen. The Client is of course responsible for the final choice of a candidate.

  • Phase VI

    Reference Checking

    Azrek takes detailed professional references on the career and personality of the final candidates from sources and information legally obtained, whether they originate from the candidates or other sources.

  • Phase VII

    Follow up on the candidate’s integration during the initial two months

    Once an agreement has been reached with the selected candidate, Azrek assists in his/her departure and transition to his/her new company.

  • Phase VIII

    Follow up process

    Regular post placement contact is maintained with both candidate and client to ensure full and smooth transition.

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