Recruitment services

Finding the right people to lead your organisation

Since it's establishment in 2005, Azrek has successfully placed senior professionals in technical and support functions. Examples include: CEO - Investment Bank, SEO - Corporate Bank, CEO -FMCG, Group General Counsel - Private Equity, Placements - Private Equity, Digital Director - Management Consulting, Project Director - Construction, Treasurer - Sovereign Wealth Fund, CFO - Construction, Senior Auditors - Aviation, Senior HR - Government, CFO - Education, CFO - Healthcare, IT Director - Education

Our key areas of expertise:.

1 IT and Telecommunications

1 Financial Services

1 Public & Private Sector

1 Energy

1 Aviation

1 Property and Construction

1 Real Estate & Construction

1 Sovereign Wealth Funds

1 Government, Management Consulting

1 Healthcare

1 Education, Marine

1 Shipping & Logistics

1 FMCG and Industrial

We follow a strict code of professional values in all our dealings with clients and candidates and are building long-term relationships with both groups.

Why use executive search?

The benefits of using executive search

Clients who are new to executive search may well wonder why they should use this method to fill senior management positions rather than the contingency method they use for lower level positions. There are several reasons:-

It is the only way to access premium candidates

High calibre candidates of leadership potential will not necessarily be registered with recruitment agencies. Many will be happy and successful in their current role but some may consider a move for the right challenge. The only way to reach such individuals is to approach them directly in a discreet and professional manner. We do this on your behalf.

It saves you time and money

Executive search can save you a lot of the time, disappointment and expense that often comes with trying to hire senior or specialised people. By approaching a broad range of high calibre potential candidates, we are able to ascertain key information such as qualifications and experience, potential interest in a move and current and expected salary. We then interview suitable candidates, presenting you with a shortlist of pre-screened candidates who are interested in the position, qualified to do it and within your budget.

It protects your reputation

Broadcasting gaps in your leadership team can send out the wrong message to the market. In some cases, the same candidate can be called numerous times about the same position, giving the impression that you are either unprofessional, desperate or both. By approaching potential candidates in a highly professional and confidential manner on your behalf, we can preserve your anonymity and integrity until the time is right to reveal your identity.

It means your position gets the attention it deserves

By retaining an Azrek search consultant, you ensure that your position receives the undiluted attention of a professional until the job is done.

The Azrek search process

The Azrek search process is driven by extensive research, first-hand industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the client’s business. Here’s how it works:-

Step by step

Client briefing

The foundation of the entire process. We take a comprehensive brief, if necessary helping clients identify the core competencies of the individual they are seeking


Initial research

The assignment team (lead consultant plus researchers) draws up a list of potential target institutions. The researchers then painstakingly compile a list of potentially suitable candidates which is reviewed by the consultant.

Telephone contact

The consultant makes initial contact with potential candidates, describing the position, establishing the candidate’s credentials and finding out whether they find the opportunity attractive.

Compiling the shortlist

Next the consultant reviews the credentials of all candidates and formally interviews those who represent the best fit with the original specification. We then submit candidate evaluations and résumés of the most suitable candidates to the client.

Client/candidate interviews

We arrange candidate interviews in consultation with the client, ensuring that feedback from both parties is obtained in a timely manner.


We assist with negotiations, collating information on candidates’ existing remuneration and expectations and continuously managing expectations on both sides to ensure a reasonable result.

Offer and acceptance

We act as broker to the transaction, ensuring clear communication between both parties.


This can be the most perilous phase of a search assignment. We guide the successful candidate through the often difficult process of resigning from their employer.

Commencement of employment

We maintain contact with the successful candidate, ensuring they start work on the agreed date.

Follow through

We continue to maintain regular contact with both the client and the new employee during the early period of employment to ensure that both parties remain satisfied.

Financial services

Financial services executive search is an area in which we have particular strength. Founding partners Rory Adamson and James Kavanagh are both ex ‘Big Four’ consultants while our third founding partner, Ian Jones, ran a London-based consultancy specialising in financial services executive search for many years. Their experience means we talk the language of both client and candidate and have an unrivalled understanding of what clients are looking for from their senior executives.

We search globally for financial services clients across the Middle East including investment banks, private equity houses, retail banks, Islamic investment banks, international banks and other leading institutions.

Key appointments include:

COO - Investment Bank

CFO - Investment Bank

Head of Corporate Finance - Investment Bank

CRO - Investment Bank

Head of Institutional Sales - Investment Bank

Head of Structured Finance - Investment Bank

Director of Equity Capital Markets - Investment Bank

MD Capital Markets - Investment Bank

General Counsel - Investment Bank

Director Asset Management - Investment Bank

Head of Compliance - Investment Bank

Real estate and property

The real estate industry in the Middle East is undergoing unprecedented growth, creating huge demand for senior executives with the knowledge and experience to take advantage of opportunities in this burgeoning market. We have an excellent understanding of the issues and challenges in this fast-evolving sector and seek out the best leadership talent on behalf of both real estate corporations and investment banks looking to maximise returns on their real estate investments.

Key appointments include:-

CEO - Real Estate Development Company

Head of Real Estate - Investment Bank

Head of Development - Real Estate Development Company

CFO Real Estate - Investment and Development Company

Head of HR - Real Estate Investment Company

General industry

Our general industry practice spans logistics, telecommunications, IT, automotive, retail and other sectors. We search globally for senior management positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, Head of Sales, Head of HR etc.

Clients particularly value the time we take to understand their market. Our knowledge of their business and the issues they face brings an informed perspective to our search, enabling us to identify individuals who can make a difference from day one.

Key appointments include:

CFO - Insurance Company

CFO - Design Company

General Counsel - Conglomerate

Health Care Senior Consultant - Health Care Company