About Us

Established in March 2005, we have built a strong reputation in the region for the quality of our work and our refreshingly thoughtful, honest and professional approach. Clients particularly value our powerful combination of local expertise and global reach.

The Azrek approach is founded on:

Understanding – we go to enormous lengths to understand our clients, devoting considerable time and energy to get to know their history, strategy, strengths, weaknesses and the challenges they face in their particular market. We believe this is time well invested as it enables us to identify candidates that fit the institution as well as the job.

Relationships – our success is built on developing open and very frank relationships with a comparatively small number of premium clients.

Knowledge – our excellent local knowledge and contacts give us access to the full pool of potential talent. Our specialised industry knowledge means we identify the right individuals in this pool.

Data – the quality and accuracy of the information on our database give us an unrivalled starting point. But we are careful never to rely on our database too heavily, believing that good data coupled with a proactive approach yields the best results.

Process – our rigorous search process is strictly applied across every assignment to ensure consistent quality.

Finesse – we have the discretion and delicacy required to handle often highly sensitive leadership positions.

Why we Chose the Name Azrek

Clients often ask why we call ourselves Azrek. There are two main reasons. Azrek, of course, is Arabic for blue, a colour that we feel is in keeping with our strategic, ‘blue sky’ approach and the openness of our client relationships. But it’s also the name of one of the great Arabian stallions to be imported to Europe in the nineteenth century, the forebear of many of the finest thoroughbred horses living today. It therefore epitomises the fusion of excellence across cultures that we feel is central to Azrek.

Ian Jones, Managing Director

Ian is the founding partner of Azrek. Previously, he enjoyed a 15-year career in investment banking executive search that culminated in the establishment of his own London-based consultancy. He leads Azrek’s search operations running searches across the Middle East on behalf of the region’s fast-growing real estate industry as well as financial services clients and other leading institutions. Ian has lived and worked in the Middle East for 13 years.